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Cloud+ Educational Program

Keynote Speaker:
Jay Slaughterbeck, Managing Partner, Strategic Security Solutions

Security in the cloud: The future is now

In his keynote, Jay Slaughterbeck, managing partner and cofounder of Strategic Security Solutions (S3) Inc., a premier systems integration firm headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., will talk about the incredible success his company is having with cloud-based or cloud-hosted solutions. As a Security Systems News Class of 2016 "20 under 40" winner with nearly two decades of experience in the industry, Slaughterbeck’s company is having a record year in terms of growth and RMR, all while helping customers leverage and reap the many benefits of the cloud.

Cloud vs client server: A competition case study

Moving from a traditional security system to a cloud-based security system often requires overcoming hurdles. Why did this corporate end user decide to go with a cloud-based system in his nine-story facility even though three systems integrators advised going with a traditional system? In this session, an end user, manufacturer and consultant discuss how to adopt the cloud and the benefits of doing so.

Patrick Barry, CEO, BluBØX Security Inc.
Ray Bernard, President and Principal Consultant, Ray Bernard Consulting Services
Moderated by Paul Ragusa, editor, Security Systems News

How national integrators approach cloud

Two leading national integrators talk about how their companies are approaching cloud. What’s their strategy? What are they focusing on?

John Hudson, Regional Director, West Region, TycoIS
Joe Young, Director, Cloud Monitoring Services, G4S Secure Integration
Moderated by Paul Ragusa, editor, Security Systems News

Video analytics in the cloud

Technology providers have offered cloud-friendly solutions for years. Many solutions can benefit from improved maintainability, flexibility, and convenience when moved to the cloud. A few solutions, however, fundamentally require the dynamic resources and shared data only available through cloud-based architectures. Modern video analytics is one such application. This session, held during the Networking Lunch, will look at real-world requirements for video analytics, and using the cloud for smart surveillance networks with analytics, as well as the challenges for integrators and end users.

AJ Frazer, VP Sales, America, Agent Video Intelligence

Finance in the cloud

An update on the M&A report that John Mack gave at Cloud+ 2015, followed by a targeted Q&A.

John Mack, Executive Vice President and Co-Head of Investment Banking and Head of Mergers and Acquisitions, Imperial Capital
Moderated by Paul Ragusa, editor, Security Systems News

Bandwidth: The elephant in the cloud

As the former Chief Security Officer for Amazon, Ed Bacco knows what it's like to be sitting in the end user's chair. This unique Cloud+ session will ignite the fireworks in a role-play approach, with Bacco playing an end user who wants to move to the cloud, but is having trouble getting around the inherent limitations. A group of experts—data center executive; VMS provider; fiber/cable service provider (the elephant); and a security integrator—join Bacco to attempt to solve the challenge.

END USER: Ed Bacco, Chief Security Officer, Aronson Security Group
DATA CENTER: Dean Drako, CEO, Eagle Eye Networks
INTEGRATOR: Scott Schmidt, Vice President of Technology, Aronson Security Group
VMS PROVIDER: Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Alliances Manager, Americas, Milestone
FIBER/CABLE SERVICE PROVIDER (THE ELEPHANT): Craig Gunderson, President and CEO, Oxford Networks
Moderated by Ron Worman, Founder and CEO, The Sage Group

Central stations in the cloud

What are the benefits of taking your central station business to the cloud? Leading systems integrator Jeffrey Nunberg, CEO of Integrated Security Systems in Miami, moderates a discussion where he will be asking the hard questions that all integrators want answered: How is it done? What are the options? Which integrators will benefit the most from moving monitoring to the cloud? What kind of the front-end investment is required and what kind of ROI should integrators and end users expect?

Cliff Dice, CEO, DICE Corp.
Paul DiPeso, EVP, Feenics
Rodney Thayer, Consultant, Smithee, Spelvin, Agnew & Plinge
Moderated by Jeffrey Nunberg, CEO, Integrated Security Systems

Transforming to a cloud-based services integrator

The goal of this session is to provide an understanding of what it takes to transition into a security integration company that provides cloud-based services for its customers.

Ed Bacco, CSO, Aronson Security
Jeff Nunberg, CEO, ISS
Chris Peterson, President, Vector Firm
Jay Slaughterbeck, Managing Partner, Strategic Security Solutions
Brad Aikin, Electronics Portfolio Leader, Allegion Commercial
Moderators: Denis Hebert, President, Feenics, and Paul DiPeso. EVP, Feenics

Technical considerations for moving to the cloud

Cloud-based environments are becoming more prevalent in the security industry. Are you considering a move to the Cloud? If so, how can you maximize benefits, minimize your risks, and achieve a strong ROI? In this session we will discuss what is required and what can be eliminated when you move your Central Station to a Cloud environment. We will also examine best practices for Cloud security, with an emphasis on hardware, software, phone systems, and security cameras.

Shaun Blair, Director of SaaS, Bold Technologies
David Crawford, President, Communication Service Solutions
Larry Folsom, CEO/President, I-View Now
Sascha Kylau, Vice President, OneTel Security
Moderated by Matt Narowski, Director of Product Development, Bold Technologies

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